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Welcome to the home of the gaming community that you've probably heard about on reddit or through your friends. The place that older gamers come when they are tired of dealing with children and toxicity in gaming. The place where people are more than just a name on each others friends list. Welcome... to a Gaming Family. .

-The Vice Gamers

Discord Server

This is where the members in the community socialize with each other. Gamers from Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, PC, and even Mobile! It's also a great source for community News and Events.

Game Servers

About Us

The Vice Gamers are one of the most diverse communities of gamers with a focus and love on Old School Games as well as New. We were founded in 2013 as a Grand Theft Auto Online crew, but we have quickly grown to become a family of gamers that enjoy multiple games together.

Fun Facts

We've Been Featured!

Our community has been featured on several websites including Rockstar Games and Bungie. We were even referenced in an Associated Press article.

One of the Most Diverse

If you visit enough gaming communities, you will see that they are usually a homogenous mixture of people. Here, we pride ourselves on the facts that our group is one of the most diverse out there.

We've started romantic relationships!

At least 3 couples (one of which is married now) met through our community.

Easy to Use

Our website is extremely intuitive, user friendly, and easy to navigate. This makes it a breeze to quickly find the group for your platform and meet people quickly.