About Us

About The Vice Gamers

      The Vice Gamers are a diverse group gamers from all walks of life and ethnic groups. Our player base consists mostly of older gamers. Our goal is to create an environment that is free from childish drama fosters intense fun. We were founded as a Grand Theft Auto V clan in 2013, but our core principles of maturity and respect remain the same even as we expand into other games. We created this community to bring together other gamers from all games and platforms who share the same mindset and hold the same values that we do.

      The Vice Gamers community is largely FPS and Open World MMO based, but we are constantly adding new divisions and branches to our community as we expand. We pride ourselves at maintaining a tight-knit community develop a family-like vibe with each other. If you’re interested in becoming a Vice Gamer, please don’t hesitate to sign up.

Questions & Answers

What consoles do you guys play?

We currently have groups for Xbox, Playstation and PC.


How do I Join the Vice Gamers?

Simply click Here. You will be accepted in the Vice Gamers family as a Prospect. A prospect is simply a person who is new to the community. There will be some forum features that prospects do not have access to until they become full members. 


How did the Vice Gamers start?

We started out as an Grand Theft Auto 5 crew on the Xbox 360. As huge fans of the infamous Rockstar title GTA: Vice City, we named our crew the "Vice City Crime Mob". Eventually our friendships and bonds grew enough for us to start playing other games together. This led to us creating this community so that others could enjoy gaming and share our family-like bond.


Is there an age limit?

With the average age of our members being 35, we have decided to not to accept many people under the age of 18. We make exceptions if we find that a person who does not meet this guidline is mature enough to fit in our community.


What is Premium and what are the perks?

A Premium Member is someone who supports the community by either upgrading their accounts to Premium accounts or making a seperate, one time donation. All contributors will gain access to the Premium Member Perks that are listed here.

Rules and Regulations

Must be able to Communicate

Here at ViceGamers.com, we love to be able to communicate with our members in game as well as on the forums. So for this reason, we are requiring that all members have the means to communicate with other members in-game.


Be Mature and Respectful

Most of us have full-time jobs and want to come home to a relaxing and fun experience when we are gaming. If you're constantly yelling over the mic and being obnoxious it makes the experience bad for everyone. If you have disagreement with someone try to handle it in a civilized manner like most adults do. Most times whatever is upsetting you will turn out to be a complete misunderstanding.


Help out fellow members whenever possible

Here at ViceGamers.com, we have a strong camaraderie with our fellow members. We want to ensure it stays this way. This is why we have the rule set in place. It is your duty as a fellow member to assist any member in a time of gaming need.


No Modders and Cheats

 Violating a game’s Terms and Conditions, EULA, rules, policies, and otherwise is creates an imbalanced gaming experience for all users. Single player mods are GREAT, but modding multiplayer games simply ruin the experience for other users. We strongly discourage that kind of behavior in this community.


Stay Active

We understand that everyone has a life outside of video games. And sometimes, real life gets in the way of gaming. But, we encourage every member to remain active by constantly being involved on the forums and staying up-to-date with clan news.