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  1. Big Notch

    Grand Theft Auto Looking for an active team for heists

    @Stable Genius and @Minx Monxster Make sure that you are on your respective console discords. I'm sure you both are, but just in case...
  2. Big Notch

    NEWS Mobile Gaming Discord

    This discord was basically an Idea I kicked around over a month ago. It's been around, but I have yet to release it to the masses until today. I don't know if mobile gaming is strong enough yet, but eventually it will be. Especially with games like Fortnite and Pubg being released on mobile now...
  3. Big Notch

    NEWS Members that were purged

    Over a month ago we auto-purged all users who's last visit time was over 365 days. In other words, any account not logged into within a year was removed. Since then, we have had about 5 or 6 people who have come back and complained about their account being gone. I'll explain why it happened...
  4. Big Notch

    The Inspiration

    So here is where I got the inspiration for our new upcoming RDR2 Group.
  5. Big Notch


    This is the most likely candidate that we're going with for Logo's for our new Sunset Outlaws group.
  6. Big Notch

    NEWS Welcome to VICE 3.0

    Thanks for mentioning this. It looks the upgrade broke the integration. Will look into it.
  7. Big Notch

    Red Dead Clan Name?

    Also, there is a nice little preview on the homepage of what the ACTUAL logo will look like. It's not too far off from the official one that we are gonna release.
  8. Big Notch

    Red Dead Clan Name?

    It's part of the logo but no, the official logo... I'm still putting finishing touches on.
  9. Big Notch

    NEWS Welcome to VICE 3.0

    The website and forums have been completely revamped. Now everything is more streamlined and simple than ever. This was a necessary step in redefining the community structure and reflecting our current climate. In the transition, a lot of features were removed and will slowly be brought back as...
  10. Big Notch

    PC Open World [WIP] ViceCraft

    3 Years Later I will be bringing this back to life. This time, I am working on it myself as a local world. Once i'm done building it up, I will host it on a Dedicated Server in Survival Mode. Note: This will be for the Java version. More information soon :)
  11. Big Notch

    PC Paradise VRChat World

    I'm working on it. More info soon.
  12. Big Notch

    Nintendo XBOX ONE PC BatMatt's Minecraft Realm

    Xbox, Nintendo, and PC Players welcomed to join. More info soon.
  13. Big Notch

    The Official Vice Overwatch Legue

    More Info Soon.
  14. Big Notch

    Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to Mobile (iOS and Android)

    Hey Fortnite Community, Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to mobile devices! On phones and tablets, Fortnite is the same 100-player game you know from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. Same gameplay, same map, same content, same weekly updates. Starting Monday, you can sign-up for the Invite...
  15. Big Notch

    Nintendo Switch Players

    BTW, we have a discord for Nintendo players as well. @Members @Associates
  16. Big Notch

    Hi Everybody

    Hey Dave, since I know you're on PS4 now. You should definitely check out the PS4 Discord.
  17. Big Notch

    New Discord Channels for Console Players

    Attention @Members and @Associates , After a lengthy discussion with some of our @Playstation Family and @Xbox Family members last night. We have decided to create a dedicated discord for the Xbox and Playstation. We strongly believe that this may help strengthen the communication of both...
  18. Big Notch

    Hello All!(Newb Intro)

    Welcome @Wilvoeka As far as GTA is concerned, I am afraid we don't have many people playing on the Xbox at the moment. PC is where it's at. And we have a regular group playing there. Our xbox group is currently playing games like Fortnite, Halo, etc....
  19. Big Notch

    Noms Gets Her BOOTY CLAPPED