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  1. Big Notch


    Hey man, It already exists. Make sure to join the PC discord.
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    I will be there :)
  3. Big Notch

    Throwback - Dark Zone TROLLERS get OWNED

    A nice little gem from our first group of Division players back in the day.
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    The Official Vice Overwatch Legue

    This has been cancelled to due a lack of interest by members.
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    Show Yourself/Social Media Thread

    Twitter: IG:
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    New Content Update for RDR2 A big thank you to everyone who has taken part in the Red Dead Online Beta over the holidays, and especially to those who have taken the time to provide us with their feedback. Please keep it coming - Red Dead...
  7. Big Notch

    rdr2/rdr2 online screenshots

    I'm pretty sure you can change perspectives while using the in-game camera. And then just pull it from the rockstar social club.
  8. Big Notch

    rdr2/rdr2 online screenshots

    If you head south from West Grizzlies towards Black Water, it's on one of the paths. Can't remember the specific area.
  9. Big Notch

    How to Utilize Crews in RDR Online

    If you're playing this game online, then you've probably noticed that the Rockstar Social Club Crews don't necessarily play a huge part in the experience like they do in GTA Online. However, it is by no means irrelevant and i'm going to share some ways in which the crew system is very much...
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    Bumping this
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    Not sure if I'm putting this in the right space...

    Welcome, just saw this after you joined discord
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    The Dying Forum We've been very pleased with the Growth of our Discord Servers in terms of members and the connections being made. This is what the effect of just a tiny bit of effective recruiting has on the community. We've realized that Forums are a dying medium across the entire web, and...
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    It'll get pretty busy here when online drops! lol.
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    Hows it going

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    Grand Theft Auto Just wanted to say hello :)

    Welcome. Make sure to join the Discord server for your platform. It’s listed on the homepage.
  16. Big Notch

    When will it be live?

    No clue dude, It's really odd that there has been absolutely NO news on the online portion and it's supposed to be out this month. I'm starting to wonder if it will get delayed.