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  1. Big Notch

    How to Join VCCM

    Rules for how to join VCCM have been made easier for both US and YOU.
  2. Big Notch

    NEWS Plans for the Outlaws and Vice...

    This will be a very REAL post. We realistically have about 100 active members across platforms, there is no need for me to be so formal. So I will not. I'm sure we will be seeing a large influx of people coming back from the dead when RDR2 drops in October. That is great and all. However, this...
  3. Big Notch

    It took them 2 years. But...

    I thought it was a pretty solid update. Although, I didn't play it for more than a few hours.
  4. Big Notch

    How to Join VCCM

    Hey, make sure you join our PC Discord :)
  5. Big Notch

    It took them 2 years. But...

    This finally looks good.
  6. Big Notch

    Fallout 76

    I'm looking forward to seeing what it's about. Even tho I barely started Fallout 3 and haven't touched Fallout 4 at all.
  7. Big Notch

    Sometimes the dead rise.

    you can use it on virtually any computer and phone these days.
  8. Big Notch

    How to Join VCCM

    Wha'ts up man, you should still be a part of the group. Let me know if you aren't and i'll make sure that you're added back.
  9. Big Notch

    Sometimes the dead rise.

    Hey @1Dadmike, Welcome back man! Glad that you're starting to finally get back on your feet. Activity on the forums are a little bit low at the moment. However our discord servers are where all of our members are currently hanging out. A lot of us will be making waves on the Xbox One when Red...
  10. Big Notch

    How to Join VCCM

    Rules have been adjusted in here. Now players only need to introduce themselves in this thread @members
  11. Big Notch

    Grand Theft Auto Looking for an active team for heists

    @Stable Genius and @Minx Monxster Make sure that you are on your respective console discords. I'm sure you both are, but just in case...
  12. Big Notch

    NEWS Mobile Gaming Discord

    This discord was basically an Idea I kicked around over a month ago. It's been around, but I have yet to release it to the masses until today. I don't know if mobile gaming is strong enough yet, but eventually it will be. Especially with games like Fortnite and Pubg being released on mobile now...
  13. Big Notch

    NEWS Members that were purged

    Over a month ago we auto-purged all users who's last visit time was over 365 days. In other words, any account not logged into within a year was removed. Since then, we have had about 5 or 6 people who have come back and complained about their account being gone. I'll explain why it happened...
  14. Big Notch

    The Inspiration

    So here is where I got the inspiration for our new upcoming RDR2 Group.
  15. Big Notch


    This is the most likely candidate that we're going with for Logo's for our new Sunset Outlaws group.
  16. Big Notch

    NEWS Welcome to VICE 3.0

    Thanks for mentioning this. It looks the upgrade broke the integration. Will look into it.
  17. Big Notch

    Red Dead Clan Name?

    Also, there is a nice little preview on the homepage of what the ACTUAL logo will look like. It's not too far off from the official one that we are gonna release.
  18. Big Notch

    Red Dead Clan Name?

    It's part of the logo but no, the official logo... I'm still putting finishing touches on.
  19. Big Notch

    NEWS Welcome to VICE 3.0

    The website and forums have been completely revamped. Now everything is more streamlined and simple than ever. This was a necessary step in redefining the community structure and reflecting our current climate. In the transition, a lot of features were removed and will slowly be brought back as...