a FRESH START for the forums

May 27, 2014
New Orleans, LA
It was about time we made a few changes around here, and this is a drastic one. A lot of complaints were sent our way over the years. One of the most common ones was that things were too complicated and convoluted. So today, we have taken the first step of many that will not only simplify things, but unify us and get the website back on track. We're calling this... PROJECT SIMPLIFY. And this is only the beginning. :)

As you've probably noticed, a lot has changed already. But I will lay them all out.

We cut the FAT

A lot of sub-forums and USELESS Features have been removed. You will notice that there is no more group system. Yep, that's gone too! Now there are only Two Sub-forums to house all of our content. Things will be more simple than ever to keep up with. And you'll be able to quickly peep what's going on in the community and go about your day without sifting through layers of sub-forums to find content.

Discord Chat has replaced the OLD chat system

We finally did it. Discord chat is now integrated with the website so all our PC guys and Console Players will be unified under one chat box :) I highly recommend that console players join our discord server if you haven't.

A New Cover Photo System

Our new Cover Photo System supports multiple images for your profile cover as well as Cover Photos in a lot of other places including Pages, Sub-Forums and Threads. Not only this, but you can now link your cover photo to external sites and pages! This thread is an example of the new cover system being put to work. Currently, the use of the Cover Photos is only available for Execs, Staff, Premium Members, and other community leaders.

Multi-Prefix Threads

We now have a multi prefix system for our threads. With all gaming related content under one sub forum, it will be a lot easier to sort through topics with this system.

Much more changes are to come in the future and we are likely to make some adjustments as we try and perfect everything with this new project. We hope you find the new changes to your satisfaction, and if you don't, we're sure that they will grow on you with time.
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Playstation Family
Jul 31, 2014
Where is our time trials stats and hall of fame? Stellated spent hours putting that all together.
Hope it is not lost. Can we get that back?


I miss the touch of BatMatts skin- Numb3rOn3Gun
Dec 17, 2014
Katy, TX
Thank you.
You need to give old people like me time to adjust. So we can search topic now. Thats cool. I will learn how to do that.
Thanks for replying and linking that.
Looks good overall.
Old people? @Data1B4 if your below 45 then your not old.