[All platforms] Time Trials S06 | Race 3

Steve Phatvibe

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The only downside to TT is we never get to see the magic. Sweet run!
Any chance @Kennie22 you can post video? That would be amazing to see.
Which got me thinking, one of our racers makes beautiful gta crew movies. @Steve Phatvibe if our racers put some clips up. Would you be able to make a racer highlight reel? Or player introductions? Or any pc player with such software that can edit. Glad it is Sunday.
unfortunately, R* editor doesn't work like that. I can only record and work with the things happening in [my] characters close vicinity. I'd have to ride along or roam the track, as I couldn't catch up to these laptimes anyway ;-) :)
I'll see what I can do to put an [own] impression of TT's comeback in one of my next videos, tho I gotta leave cutting a clipshow from the skits posted to this thread to anyone who's working on their PC with proper video editing software. Sorry.

But, there's something else I'd like to. . . - and that is sending out congratulations :
AWESOME DRIVING, GUYS :) Or, should I say 'flying'?!! ;-)


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Jul 25, 2014
Caracas, Venezuela
Usually the off-road tires help a little tiny bit with the handling of the car, but with the Turismo Classic was a GREAT DIFFERENCE. I started with my sports tires and it was like i had soaps instead of tires, once i installed my off-roads my cornering improved a lot.... WAAAAAAAAAAY LOT

@Kennie22 In the last race i didn't record for the 'FPS cap + video capture + gamepad viewer = shuttering' issue. And on this one i forgot to set that up with all the rush to make that time before the race ended. For race 4 i will start again my video capture.