[All platforms] Time Trials S06 | Race 5 *Season Finale*


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Jul 25, 2014
Caracas, Venezuela
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The 'wonder newbie' hits again! Refusing to be caught off guard @Kobi Blade decided to make a whopping lap time almost 2 second faster and a race time 8 secs faster than anyone else TWO DAYS before the end of race 4... he will repeat that achievement on this final race?
On the other hand, the 'Kaiser' @Kennie22 continues his ruling as master of the PS4 team, taking the 1st place (3rd overall) and his 26 points, taking the lead of the Time Trials with only one race to go and 6 points ahead of @Stellated. Will @Data1B4 settle down with the 2nd place of the team or will he remember his glory days as leader of the Xbox360 team and tackle @Kennie22 in the end of the season.
The PS4 team is unstoppable and has practically won the team competition by now! 4 races won (1 by PC team default) makes the PlayStation side the king once again. Almost everybody in the team managed to beat the @vipr9 Enterprises Ghost Car: @Data1B4, @Magic_bean, @TheFiskerlars, @Jamesmorris3217, and @Steve Phatvibe, proving why the PS4 team the indisputable champion.
That doesn't mean the PC Team are with their arms crossed (we only have a shortage of drivers)... there's a fierce fight between @Sevyndaze and @LordKaos314 that will escalate for this nerve-wrecking finale... will @Sevyndaze snatch the 6th place or @LordKaos314 will stay put? or @LordKaos314 will try to siege @Magic_bean for the 5th place.
The last race... time of definitions!

The longest race of the season and the one with most laps, here you have a little bit of everything: long straights, tight corners, uphills and downhills, even annoying jumps (like the one at the end of Rodeo Loop... remember? I'm sure you remember... how can you forget that dammed jump?). A long drive around many areas we already visited on previous races. 5 laps in your Super cars to give it all the rest... there's nothing else to lose, this is your final chance to take that spot for what are you fighting for.

  • Host the race on standard race type.
  • No company allowed, you have to race alone.
  • Custom cars allowed (unless told otherwise).
  • You have to race on the amount of laps and with the car/class specified in order get your time submitted in Time Trials' Leaderboards.
  • You can make as many attempts as you want.
  • You can post screenshots of your times. They are as valid as the R* leaderboards for us.

  • The driver with the FASTEST LAP wins the race.
  • Top 3's Race times will win a bonus points award.
  • For team competition will be taken the Top 5 drivers of each platform.

Points system
At the end of each race the Global standings will be splitted into two different standings: PC Drivers and PS4 & Xbox Drivers. Points will be distributed separately on each standing in the following way:

Best Lap time

1st | 25 points.
2nd | 18 points.
3rd | 15 points.
4th | 12 points.
5th | 10 points.
6th | 8 points.
7th | 6 points.
8th | 4 points.
9th | 2 points.
10th | 1 point.

BONUS POINTS: Awarded to the 3 best Race times of the Global standings.
Best Race time
1st | 3 points.
2nd | 2 points.
3rd | 1 point.

Tiebreaker criteria
1st criteria: Race time comparison of tied drivers on each race.
2nd criteria: Lap time comparison of tied drivers on each race.
3rd criteria: Race time position of tied drivers on global standings of each race.

Winners & Prizes
(Sponsored by @vipr9 Enterprises)

Main Prize | Time Trials champions:
The top 3 drivers with most points. (Sponsored by @vipr9 Enterprises)
  • 1st Place: $300 Vice Dollars.
  • 2nd Place: $150 Vice Dollars.
  • 3rd Place: $50 Vice Dollars.

Other Prizes
Team champions:
The top 3 drivers with most points of each of the 3 teams.
  • 1st Place: $75 Vice Dollars.
  • 2nd Place: $50 Vice Dollars.
  • 3rd Place: $25 Vice Dollars.
Most consistent driver: The driver with the most Bonus podiums and better Race times of the season
  • $50 Vice Dollars.
All these prizes are NOT mutually restrictive, meaning that you can be Time Trials champion and Champion of your team and win $375 Vice Dollars.

Every driver will receive $10 Vice dollars for participating on Time Trials, if is not awarded with any of the previous prizes.

Warned drivers
The people listed here already have times submitted from previous race. Take note of your time, in case you're are unable to improve it please post your current time here in this thread.

PC Drivers
@GreenBorroco | Best lap: 1.59.210 [Bati 801RR] | Best race: 12.06.097
@LordKaos314 | Best lap: 2.14.750 [Elegy Retro] | No 5 laps race submitted
@Sevyndaze | Best lap: 2.17.262 [Turismo R] | No 5 laps race submitted

PS4 Drivers
@Jamesmorris3217 | Best lap: 2.07.293 [RE-7B] | No 5 laps race submitted
@Data1B4 | Best lap: 2.08.760 [Zentorno] | No 5 laps race submitted
@Magic_bean | Best lap: 2.09.413 [Zentorno] | No 5 laps race submitted
@Mighty Jooks | Best lap: 2.15.733 [Turismo R] | No 5 laps race submitted
@bigbadwelly | Best lap: 2.22.044 [Jester Racing] | No 5 laps race submitted

Please read
One of the best things of Time Trials is that we can all be part of it , no matter the platform, and that bring us together as a group. That's why we encourage you to actively participate in the discussion here in the forum:

Do you have a question? Don't be shy and post it!
Are you frustrated with that damned corner that makes you lose precious time? Tell us! We may help you out (or maybe not... maybe i'm winning and i don't want tell my secrets).
You managed to make a fantastic lap and you got 1st? Brag about it so we can insult you (with the caring love of a fellow crewmate).
As tradition dictates, @Kennie22 and @Data1B4 are making impossible times? You can trash talk about them, but always with respect.

The idea here is to have fun and meet our crewmates a little better, we can compete with each other, tease each other, help each other, but at the end... we are only playing. Good luck guys and thanks for participate!


Cheetah Grand Prix
Laps: 5
Super Cars
Link to the track: Click here
Sunday, June 4th. 9:00pm (CST) / 3:00am (GMT)

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