May 27, 2014
Saint Denis, LE
The Dying Forum

We've been very pleased with the Growth of our Discord Servers in terms of members and the connections being made. This is what the effect of just a tiny bit of effective recruiting has on the community. We've realized that Forums are a dying medium across the entire web, and we're fine with that. There are plenty of ways in which we can utilize this place. Mainly, this place is still crucial for record keeping (who joined when etc..), Contests, Giveaways, BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS etc...

Furthermore, the community is the people that it comprises of, not a website. So, the medium in which we use to stay together is doesn't mean as much. We tried PSN Communties, we've tried Xbox Clubs, We've tried steam groups, etc etc.. But one that seems to unanimously work for most members is our Discord servers. As stated in the previous announcement, we are not tracking people down to play with us. We are much beyond that point. And as such, we are asking that our pre-discord members who still want to be a part of the community to be active on our discord server(s). Because, again, the entire point of being in a community is that you communicate with the people in it. Members who are NOT on discord... we will just take it as you not wanting to be a part of the group anymore.

With that said, I think it would very beneficial if we take things to the next level as we move forward into a new chapter of our existence....


How it works:

  • Members have the opportunity to gain points by recruiting any one that they can into the Vice Gamers group.
  • In order for this recruitment to count, they MUST be signed up on the forums and put YOUR NAME as a reference.
  • The person that you invite must also be active an active member.
  • At the end of the Monthly period, we will tally up the amount of points for active participants.
  • The person with the most points will win the monthly reward.

What are the rewards?

They will be different each month. Anything from Gift Cards to FULL GAMES. In the event that the member declines the gift, it will be given to the runner up. And in the event that nobody wins, the gift will be bigger for the next months.


We will officially be kicking this off on December 1st!... with the first winner being announced on January 1st.


PC Family
Jan 26, 2015
Online forums seem to have become sort of a primitive thing. It's still excellent as a landing page in a sense for a community. Like you said it's still a great place for record keeping and posting important things.

This recruitment program seems like a good idea.