Elite Dangerous Vice Gamers Minor Faction?


PC Family
Jan 26, 2015
Hey guys! So check this out:

So if you guys didn't know, a long time ago Elite Dangerous allowed people to post applications to add their own, custom, minor faction to the game. Minor Factions are the little factions that you raise reputation with to get better missions. They are system specific or cover a few systems. Minor Factions play a large part in the Background Simulation. Minor Factions can take over systems and stations, completely changing how they operate. For an in-depth look into Minor Factions, read the wiki. You can also look at all the Player Minor Factions on Inara.

Elite Dangerous stopped putting in Player-Owned Minor Factions a long while ago. If you clicked the last link, you'll see why. There are a freaking ton of them. So it's really awesome that ED is accepting applications now.

This thread, posted today has the complete explanation and process to apply for a Player Faction. So if you guys are interested, want to put Vice Gamers in Elite Dangerous? Our own little place in the galaxy.

True, there's no REAL benefit to this unless you are super into Powerplay and the background sim, but some really cool things have been done with player-owned factions. It would be our own little place.