Hello All!(Newb Intro)

Feb 11, 2018
Hello Everyone,

I found this site by doing a google search for a Mature GTA Online crew.

I am male, 47, from Ohio. I have been gaming for many, many years. My hobbies are Gaming, Photography, Animal Rescue and some Recreational Shooting Sports.

I recently started playing GTA Online(Though I have played the single player for years) and I started looking for a group of mature people who actually want to play the game and not just goof off( which is cool sometimes) or be disruptive to other people playing. I have the game for both PC and XB1, I mainly just play the PC for SP and the Editor, my online focus is on the XB1.

I would like to find some friends to do missions and such with( I have ventured into the Heists and careers yet because I dont fully understand all the ins and outs of each career). I have played the first Low Rider mission probably more than 50 times with randoms and have yet to complete it one time, even though I am able to complete all my team's tasks without dying.

I am usually on weeknights after 11 pm EST(2nd shift worker) and on a lot during weekends.

My GT on XBL and Steam is Wilvoeka if you want to add me.