How to Join VCCM

May 8, 2018
Hi my name is Brad I would Like to join VCCM. My R* gamertag is CptS0ap, feel free to add me so I can get to know you all. Already played with one of you on GTA V would love to play with more! Cya in the game!
I don’t know if it’s the right place but it ries yesterday but I don’t see my post. I’m dragoonzero on PSN, I’d love to join this crew because I am looking for mature players to enjoy the game with. Thank you for the consideration
May 24, 2018
Hi, my name is Aaron and I would like to join VCCM. My PC gamertag is Spawnda3mon, I was in this crew for a while before the big purge/drama and didn't wanna deal with it. Got kicked from the crew cause I stopped coming into discord due to all the dram. Looking to rejoin now and get back to weekly meetups and fun with the Crime Mob and Big Notch. Miss yall.
Hi, my name is Evan and I would like to join VCCM. My Xbox Gamertag is EVAN AMAZING81 feel free to add me so that i can join the family and get to know you all.I want to quickly say that throughout my duration of playing gta I’ve always wanted to join a crew such as this one with actual loyal members and with a great setup as a whole. I ever so greatly hope that you will accept me in this amazing crew as I would not just be active but I would also do all I could to help others in the crew that need to level up and need to get cash and rp. So please I’m begging you to hear me out and invite me and again my Rockstar social club account is Yourmainmanevan and my Xbox one gamertag is EVAN AMAZING81. I’m begging you to accept me in this crew as it would truly mean the world to me, thank you and I heavily wish to be with you all very soon.

What's up everyone, my name is Austin. Your crew looks awesome and I would like to jump in a session and take over LS with y'all. My PSN gamertag is DrBeagle24. Look forward to gaming with the crew.