How to Join VCCM

May 8, 2018
Hi my name is Brad I would Like to join VCCM. My R* gamertag is CptS0ap, feel free to add me so I can get to know you all. Already played with one of you on GTA V would love to play with more! Cya in the game!
I don’t know if it’s the right place but it ries yesterday but I don’t see my post. I’m dragoonzero on PSN, I’d love to join this crew because I am looking for mature players to enjoy the game with. Thank you for the consideration
Hi, my name is Aaron and I would like to join VCCM. My PC gamertag is Spawnda3mon, I was in this crew for a while before the big purge/drama and didn't wanna deal with it. Got kicked from the crew cause I stopped coming into discord due to all the dram. Looking to rejoin now and get back to weekly meetups and fun with the Crime Mob and Big Notch. Miss yall.