How to Utilize Crews in RDR Online

May 27, 2014
Saint Denis, LE
If you're playing this game online, then you've probably noticed that the Rockstar Social Club Crews don't necessarily play a huge part in the experience like they do in GTA Online. However, it is by no means irrelevant and i'm going to share some ways in which the crew system is very much prevalent in the game.

For one, you can mute voice chat (just as you did in GTAO) to outsiders. This is good because it ensure you won't hear anybody besides people that are relevant to you and your circle.


You can also get an INSTANT snapshot of who in your crew is online... AND JOIN THEM pretty quickly. Thanks to the reworking of their online servers. Simply bring up the player list by pressing LEFT on the D-Pad. That should bring up a player list of who's in your session. If you tab over by using RB/R1, you'll see a section for Crew. And this will list EVERYBODY that is in your active crew with the people are are online at the top. This makes it SUPER convenient for filling lobbies full of crew members. And with the connection to servers being A LOT BETTER THAN GTAO, this makes Lobby Takeovers and Events faster, easier to do, and consistent. red-dead-online-mute-738x410.jpg.optimal.jpg

One thing we've been doing on the Xbox side of things has been making several posses with the same names in a single lobby. So, for example, our crew 'The Sunset Outlaws', has about 4 persistent posses with people constantly rotating in and out of them. We might have Sunset Group A out doing fishing, We might have Group B clearing a Gang Hideout, And group C killing trolls in Saint Denis.
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