NEWS Members that were purged

May 27, 2014
Saint Denis, LE
Over a month ago we auto-purged all users who's last visit time was over 365 days. In other words, any account not logged into within a year was removed.

Since then, we have had about 5 or 6 people who have come back and complained about their account being gone. I'll explain why it happened, and then how to (maybe) get your account restored.

The Game has Changed Folks!

No more of this MEGA MASSIVE HUGE list of members. This purge was just our way of narrowing down our community to just it's core members (something that I touched on a while back). We want to rid ourselves of passerby's and people who are "kinda sorta" in the group. And with Discord being a more central part of the community now, it's becoming more clear than ever who the core group is. The purging is not going to stop either. We had over 2000 members registered on here. Now it's down to ~300 or so.

Want to restore your account?

If you're really interested in joining again, simply register a new account and I might be able to link your new account to all of your old posts and threads. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that the account will be exactly the same as it was before.


Playstation Family
Jul 31, 2014
When RDR rolls out this place will be full of action.
Not sure we can run time trials with just horses to race though. LoL
Hopefully they have some sort of racing in the game.
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