NEWS Plans for the Outlaws and Vice...

May 27, 2014
Saint Denis, LE
This will be a very REAL post. We realistically have about 100 active members across platforms, there is no need for me to be so formal. So I will not.
I'm sure we will be seeing a large influx of people coming back from the dead when RDR2 drops in October. That is great and all. However, this time around I personally will be spending my time exclusively on the Xbox One with my XB1 brethren and will have no dealings with anything that happens on the Playstation side of things. This is ME leaving that side of things COMPLETELY OPEN for YOU to possibly take over. But that will be completely and totally up to YOU.

I'm completely done with trying to build some massive grandiose community of ungrateful people who will leave inevitably when they get tired of RDR2 or whatever dumb ass reason they come up with. With my limited time, I don't have a bunch of time to do every single thing behind the scenes and on the front-end like I did with VCCM and VICE in general. So it will much more of a group effort as it should be and much more of a "Quality over Quantity" scenario for us this time around. Remember, we got our first feature on the Rockstar Social Club when we only had a few dedicated people who put in some valuable contributions. So that is all we need. A small group of quality and passionate people who contribute.
We've tried everything from Xbox Clubs to PSN Communities to Facebook etc etc etc. We currently plan to keep using discord as a base for communication as well as the forums for things that are too lengthy for Discord chat. That's it. We are not chasing people down. We are not opening 20 different lines of communications to reach 20 different people. It's either, use the tools that we provide, or get fucked. Simple as that. The people who decided to join and use our discord servers have success with it and can easily interact with other members.

Anyways, on a more positive and forward thinking note. I am very grateful for the members who still participate and want to be a part of the community. The past few months have shown me who is TRUELY a part of the community. Looking forward, we will be looking for people who want to contribute in the area of marketing, promotion, streaming, media creation, and more...


I miss the touch of BatMatts skin- Numb3rOn3Gun
Dec 17, 2014
Katy, TX
Amen. Man R2D2 is so close now, can't wait to get my hands on it and play with everyone!