Public Session (Empty) and Loading Screen Fix

Kobi Blade

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May 10, 2017
No one paid attention to this in the other thread, plus it worked for me yesterday when we all got stuck in the Loading Screen (managed to get pass the Loading Screen, while everyone else restarted the game).

I made this script a few days ago that will take care of suspending Grand Theft Auto V, it is faster and more reliable than going through the Task Manager, etc...

Since this doesn't touch the game at all, no one needs to worry about getting banned. This does exactly the same thing as this.

If your Anti-Virus reports this malware, please send it to review so it can be removed from detection list by your Anti-Virus provider (I already took care of talking to Microsoft and Windows Defender won't say anything if fully updated).

Virus Total: 18/61

As you can see only cheap and crap Anti-Virus tend to complain, in order to use you simply:
- Extract the File;
- Enter the Game and get in Multi-Player;
- Run GTAPS 1.0, while accepting the EULA;
- Then wait until it completes, and get back into the game (you'll be in an empty public session).


I would upload to the Forum itself, but says the file is to large!
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