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Jul 22, 2014
Temple, Texas
THIS SATURDAY 07/14/2018
Do you like cars? Do you like crashing them? Do you like the sheer pulse-pounding edge-of-your-seat high-octane piston-slamming fun? Well, you're in luck! This Saturday, we are going to run our first ever SATURDAY MORNING WRECKFEST! If you have the game (or feel like picking it up on Steam) we will be running the event tomorrow morning with the game as it comes. We have a series of tracks and mods that we may add throughout the day, so if you contact SYNTHINX, GB, or SilentMark1138 before the event, they can let you know what particular mods from the Steam Workshop you will need to pick up.
Event will start about 10 am EST (1 pm PST).
Strap on your gloves, shift your gears, and get ready to rear-end your opponents for our first Saturday Morning Wreckfest!