By becoming a premium member, you will be given a premium banner to help distinguish yourself and show the community that you're a contribuing member.


A Premium membership will afford you the ability to use ANY image as your signature. Express yourself through a constant image that shows up under your posts.




Want to give your profile a little more flavor. Premium members will be able to spice up their profiles to give it more of a facebook vibe with the ability to upload a Cover Photo.

Persistent Chatbox Text Color

Being a Premium Member gives you the ability to keep set ANY color as your default text color in the forum shoutbox. Choose a color that best represents you!



Premium Members will get access to the exclusive [VICE] Arcade that features games such as: Tetris, Candy Crush, Space Invaders, and more. Premimum Members will also be able to compete with each other to get the highest score. You know what's even better? The person with the most high scores will be crowned champion and given a special "Arcade Champion" badge under their forum name.


Sometimes you just want a different look right? Well Premium Users will be able to choose between several different themes, including the original VCCM theme from our old forums.