All adults. All backgrounds. All Fun.

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Why Us

We've Been Featured

Our community has been featured on several websites including Rockstar Games and Bungie.


We pride ourselves on the fact that our group is one of the most diverse among gaming communities.

Multi Platform

We span multiple platforms, including PC, Xbox, Playstation & Nintendo Switch.

24+ Adults

Our community is comprised of adults ranging anywhere between their mid-20's to 60's.

About Us

Vice Gamers are a diverse community of gamers with a focus and love for all games, from classic retro games, to indie games, to the next hot AAA title – we’re here for them all. Originally founded in 2013 as a Grand Theft Auto Online crew, over the last 8 years Vice Gamers has grown into a family that plays just about any game out there.

Vice Gamers is a community focused on bringing creativity, support, and most importantly, fun to our members. Mostly made up of working adults from our mid-20s to mid-40s, we have members all across the globe who each play their own role in helping our community to grow and thrive. Vice Gamers are professionals, students, artists, and parents, all of whom sought out a community where they can enjoy some quality gaming time with good friends, without any drama, trolls, or toxicity.


Squad up! No need to deal with randoms or clunky in-game chats. We have multiple dedicated voice and text chat channels available to help our members coordinate with each other and dominate the competition. Looter Shooters, MMORPGs, FPS, or whatever other type of game, you’ll find solid allies among Vice.


The Fortnite Squad

Our Fortnite Group plays a lot together. Sometimes with multiple sqauds playing simultaneously.


Sunset Outlaws

Our official Read Dead Redemption 2 group of The Vice Gamers. PC only group.


Vice City Crime Mob

Our GTA Online Mob is our origin group. We've been featured by Rockstar Games a few times.


Below is a small sample of the many games we play. As we are a community consisting of adults, members are free to play which games they choose, either as a group or solo. If there is a particlular game you are looking to play with others, dont be afraid to ask!

Our Servers

Our servers are currently offline, but they will be back soon. They are private, members-only servers for ARK and Minecraft. Our Minecraft server is constantly evolving with more user-friendly mods, and has support for all platforms. As more games become more popular within our community, additional private servers will be added.


Our gaming events typically are a mix between pick-up LFG sessions and scheduled events. Here you will find what a typical gaming month might look like in our community.

  • Some games may have members actively playing daily around the same time.
  • Members might play certain games solo but will respond to requests for group gaming.
  • Some larger group games might be played every once in a while.

We have members from most major timezones with the North America region being the most popular.

Join Us

If this sounds like a place for you, come join us! Our members are friendly and enjoy participation! Just remember to respect our rules:

  • 21+ age requirement.
  • We are not therapists. Please don't over-indulge in negativity.
  • Racism, sexism or homophobia is prohibited.
  • No Political or Religious discussions.
  • No NSFW Content (i.e. Nude, Graphic or Lewd images).
  • No advertising other communities.

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